Practice makes perfect

For Christmas my amazing husband (Ben) got me a calligraphy set. I mentioned before that I would love to learn calligraphy and hand lettering in addition to my card creating/writing. So being the awesome hubby that he is, he got me an adorable box to house all of my letter making goods and calligraphy supplies.

I pulled up the internets and found some resources to help me get started...because I had no idea how to even insert the little nib thing into the nib holder (I totally did it wrong the first time I practiced, oops). The first thing I've learned, calligraphy is freakin hard!!! All of those little youtube videos make it looks so easy and how the heck does everyone write in a straight line with letters just perfectly flowing together...yeah it's an amazing skill that I will one day be better at. Notice I did not say master, because that's just crazy talk. 

But I've been practicing during nap times. It is one of the most relaxing things I've done during nap times, I love it! I suck at it (and I'm saying that in a completely nice way)! But I continue to tell myself that it is the process and the practice of this skill that is having a therapeutic effect on me. 


See, I got a little better on day 3.

I tend to gravitate towards the modern calligraphy style and I'm sure I'll probably make up my own way of writing once I get a little more comfortable with the different strokes and how the pen actually works. But that's not really the point. The point is that for once I have found something that I'm willing to do for the sake of doing, for the sake of exploring an art form, and for the sake of relaxation. There is no other motive...except for maybe having prettier letters when I write people. 

There is no pressure to create something, no pressure to produce something, no pressure to practice or to be really good at something. I am taking full pleasure at not having a plan, not following specific set of instructions, and just going wherever this takes me.