Mirror, mirror

Cue music {a la Backstreet Boys-Everybody}...El-la's back, alright. Dance party may proceed.

Ok, are we good now? Feel free to keep dancing or am I the only one still bobbing my head and humming to this song?! I was on team Backstreet Boys, but I'm definitely on team JT now. I digress though. Anywho. 

I love receiving hand written notes, cards, letters, or really anything but junk or bills in the mail. There's something about a written note that makes you slow down and take your time reading it. Maybe it's because people's handwriting these days is just impossible to read (mine isn't, my handwriting is beautiful), I kid, I kid. But really, handwritten cards or notes just make me stop, unlike an email which I just quickly skim over to determine if it's something I really need to read now or something I can forget about for a while and read next week or so. 

In the last year I've made it a point to send handwritten mail to random people in my life. Nothing crazy fancy, just a quick friendly love note to bring a smile to a friend or to offer encouragement in a time of need or just because. Basically I do it because I like telling people they're cool and that they are loved. And I love fueling my addiction for pens and stationary. 

I was challenged recently, by Ben (for new readers, Ben is my other half, the buff & sexy one). He asked me how I can encourage and send love to others but I can't do the same for myself? I'm always so critical of myself, what I'm doing/not doing, how I'm parenting, what I'm eating/not eating, etc...you get the point. So I am slowly trying to be more loving of myself and what I see in the mirror, both externally and internally. I'm thinking that I need to write myself a friendly love note, as weird as it may feel, I'm pretty sure that it would only end well. 

Drum roll please...and this is the genesis of She Writes Love. For the first time in my life I don't have a plan, a goal, or a clearly defined end result in mind for this site. My only plan is to enjoy the process. Learn through the process. Love the process. Love myself. Love others. And occasionally make people laugh through virtual dance parties.