Sometimes I write because I need to see it on paper to believe it myself. Sometimes I write to encourage others. And sometimes I write just to write.




I'm Ella. My husband has asked me for years to cut my hair into a pixie...I listened after 10 years (and I have to admit that he was right all along, he said it would look amazing, and I think it does). I love stationary, journals, coffee, dark chocolate, ice cream, and music. I dislike wide ruled paper.

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My words.

I write at no set frequency. Sometimes I write personal things, sometimes I write what comes to mind. I like to keep it real, the good and the bad. I've always struggled at writing so this is here for me to face my fears and insecurities. Come take a read. 

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I love hearing from others and learning from others. Stop by, drop me a line, tell me how you like to encourage others, let me know if you ever want me to write you a note. Share any thoughts on topics you would like me to write about. Many thanks for stopping by and spending time with me. 

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